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Hands and Feet Cables For SweatStop® DE20

Hands and Feet Cables For SweatStop® DE20

These SweatStop DE20 Cables (Pair) are essential accessories for the application of SweatStop® Iontophoresis. They provide convenient and efficient delivery of the treatment, making it easier to control excessive sweating. With their use, you can confidently and effectively treat hyperhidrosis, providing relief and improved quality of life.

Body Areas:
  • Under Arms
  • Feet
  • Hands

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    Hands and Feet Cables for use with the SweatStop® DE20 Iontophoresis Device.

    These cables are to be used with the DE20 Iontophoresis machine. For attaching Hands and Feet Electrode to the device use the corresponding RED and BLACK ports on the bottom of the machine with the matching lead.

    Product FAQ

    Does Iontophoresis treatment work if I have soft water in my area?

    Research suggests that treatment using tap water alone yields a success rate of 85% for the hands and feet and 70% for the underarms. Iontophoresis treatment is more successful using hard water. Bottled water with a high mineral content is also a good option to use, instead of tap water from soft water areas.

    What is Hyperhidrosis

    Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating) is a medical condition characterised by excessive sweating beyond what is necessary to regulate body temperature. People with hyperhidrosis may sweat profusely even when the body doesn't need cooling. This condition can affect various parts of the body, including the palms, feet, underarms, and face.

    There are two main types of hyperhidrosis these are:

    Primary focal hyperhidrosis

    This type typically affects specific areas of the body, such as the palms, soles of the feet, underarms, and face. It usually begins during childhood or adolescence and may have a genetic component.

    Secondary generalized hyperhidrosis

    This type is less common and usually involves excessive sweating throughout the entire body. It can be caused by underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, menopause, thyroid problems, or certain medications.

    Hyperhidrosis can be socially and emotionally distressing, impacting a person's quality of life and self-esteem. Treatment options include prescription antiperspirants, medications, iontophoresis (a procedure that uses electrical currents to block sweat glands temporarily), botulinum toxin injections (Botox), and in severe cases, surgery to remove sweat glands.

    For more information on hyperhidrosis symptoms and other forms of treatment Visit Hyperhidrosis UK

    Discover How Iontophoresis Revolutionises Sweat Treatment

    This technology works by directing a small current through the skin, effectively neutralizing the connection between the nerves and the sweat glands. In nearly all cases, this effectively treats excessive sweating!

    Studies have shown that iontophoresis machines are very effective in the treatment of excessive sweating.

    For more information on hyperhidrosis symptoms and other forms of treatment Visit Hyperhidrosis UK