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Menthol Foot Powder

Menthol Foot Powder

Elevate your foot care routine with Sweat Stop Menthol Foot Powder. This refreshing powder absorbs moisture and controls odour. Keep your feet dry, fresh, and comfortable all day long.

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      Why choose the SweatStop® Menthol Foot Powder? Here's why it stands out:

      • Effective Odour Control: Sweat Stop Menthol Foot Powder effectively absorbs moisture and sweat, helping to keep your feet dry and odour-free throughout the day.

      • Cooling Sensation: Infused with menthol, this foot powder provides a refreshing and cooling sensation, which can be especially soothing after a long day on your feet or during hot weather.

      • Reduces Friction: The powder helps reduce friction between your feet and shoes, preventing discomfort, blisters, and chafing, especially during physical activity or long periods of standing.

      • Versatile Use: It's not just for feet! You can also use on other areas of the body prone to sweating and friction.

      • Easy Application: The powder form makes it easy to apply, allowing for quick and convenient use whenever needed. Just sprinkle it onto your feet or into your shoes for instant freshness and comfort.

      • Dermatologically Tested: Sweat Stop Menthol Foot Powder undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it's safe, providing peace of mind with every use.

      Sweat Stop Menthol Foot Powder offers effective odour control, a refreshing cooling sensation, and relief from friction, making it an essential addition to your foot care routine.

      Product FAQ

      How do antiperspirants work?

      The precise way they work is not known but it is thought that the metals in the antiperspirant mix with the sugars in the sweat and cause the tubes leading form the sweat glands beneath the skin to be blocked.

      Which Antiperspirant strength should I choose?

      We understand that excessive sweating is a serious issue, but we approach it with a hint of humour as we help you find the right solution. Laughter can be a valuable tool in facing tough challenges, and we're here to offer our expertise and a friendly smile to support you along the way.

      Sweatstop antiperspirants - your arsenal against sweatocalypse!

      With four strength levels, we've got you covered whether you're facing a light sprinkle or a full-blown downpour. Because when it comes to battling perspiration, we believe in being over-prepared rather than underdressed!

      Lost in the sweaty wilderness? Fear not! Consult our whimsical guide below to uncover the perfect strength for your perspiration predicament

      SweatStop Strength Body Area Exercise Intensity Dampness of Clothes I Sweat...
      Sensitive Face, Under Arm Casual stroll/light exercise Clothes feeling lightly damp, like the aftermath of a brief drizzle Like a marathon runner in a hot tub
      Forte Under arms, Body, Head, Back Moderate exercise Clothes feeling moderately damp, like walking through a light rain shower Like a snowman in summer
      Forte Plus Under arms, Body, Back High-intensity exercise Clothes feeling noticeably damp, like walking through a rainstorm Like a bear in the Sahara
      Forte Max Hands, Feet Extreme exercise Clothes are thoroughly soaked, like getting caught in a torrential downpour Like a popsicle in the desert

      what is the best way to apply antiperspirants?

      To get the best results from an antiperspirant, you should apply it at night-time (prior to bed) to clean, dry skin so that it can work overnight when sweating is at its least.

      If your skin is wet when applying an antiperspirant, it might cause burning and discomfort.

      You should apply the antiperspirant every evening for the first week or two, then it usually only needs to be applied every few days to keep your sweating under control.