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Aloe Vera Forte Antiperspirant Spray

Aloe Vera Forte Antiperspirant Spray

Stay fresh and dry with SweatStop Aloe Vera Forte Antiperspirant Spray. Specifically designed for forehead, face, and underarms, it offers gentle but effective protection against sweat. With an easy-to-use upside down nozzle, application to hard-to-reach areas is a breeze. Stay confident all day long.

"The spray does what it promises..."

    • Forte
    Body Areas:
    • Under Arms
    • Head
    • Back

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    • Aqua, Alcohol Denat
    • Aluminum Chloride
    • Isopropyl Alcohol
    • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
    • Peg-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil,
    • Glyceryl Laurate,
    • Allantoin, Farnesol,
    • Phenethyl Alcohol,
    • Camphor,
    • Sodium Hydroxide
    • 1x Spray
    • at Night
    • before Bed
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    Why choose the SweatStop® Aloe Vera Forte Antiperspirant? Here's why it stands out:

    • Gentle on Skin: Infused with Aloe Vera, it soothes and moisturises your skin while providing effective sweat protection.

    • Long-lasting Results: Its clinically-proven formula ensures all-day freshness, keeping you dry and comfortable in any situation.

    • Including Natural Ingredients: Aloe Vera's natural properties offer a gentle alternative for those with sensitive skin, provitamin B5 reduce redness and inflammation, providing reliable protection without irritation.

    • Convenient Application: With its easy-to-use spray design, application is quick and hassle-free.

    • Dermatologically Tested: Sweat Stop Aloe Vera Forte Antiperspirant Spray underwent rigorous testing to ensure safety and efficacy.

    • Versatile Use: Suitable for use on various body parts prone to sweating.

    Don't settle for ordinary antiperspirants when you can elevate your experience with Sweat Stop Aloe Vera Forte. Embrace the power of nature and effective sweat protection in one convenient bottle. Try it today and discover the difference it can make in your daily comfort and confidence.

    Product FAQ

    Which Antiperspirant strength should I choose?

    We understand that excessive sweating is a serious issue, but we approach it with a hint of humour as we help you find the right solution. Laughter can be a valuable tool in facing tough challenges, and we're here to offer our expertise and a friendly smile to support you along the way.

    Sweatstop antiperspirants - your arsenal against sweatocalypse!

    With four strength levels, we've got you covered whether you're facing a light sprinkle or a full-blown downpour. Because when it comes to battling perspiration, we believe in being over-prepared rather than underdressed!

    Lost in the sweaty wilderness? Fear not! Consult our whimsical guide below to uncover the perfect strength for your perspiration predicament

    SweatStop Strength Body Area Exercise Intensity Dampness of Clothes I Sweat...
    Sensitive Face, Under Arm Casual stroll/light exercise Clothes feeling lightly damp, like the aftermath of a brief drizzle Like a marathon runner in a hot tub
    Forte Under arms, Body, Head, Back Moderate exercise Clothes feeling moderately damp, like walking through a light rain shower Like a snowman in summer
    Forte Plus Under arms, Body, Back High-intensity exercise Clothes feeling noticeably damp, like walking through a rainstorm Like a bear in the Sahara
    Forte Max Hands, Feet Extreme exercise Clothes are thoroughly soaked, like getting caught in a torrential downpour Like a popsicle in the desert

    what is the best way to apply antiperspirants?

    To get the best results from an antiperspirant, you should apply it at night-time (prior to bed) to clean, dry skin so that it can work overnight when sweating is at its least.

    If your skin is wet when applying an antiperspirant, it might cause burning and discomfort.

    You should apply the antiperspirant every evening for the first week or two, then it usually only needs to be applied every few days to keep your sweating under control.

    How do SweatStop® Antiperspirants work?

    Sweatstop antiperspirants are applied directly to the skin to fight perspiration and odour. They contain aluminium chloride salts which inhibit perspiration by blocking the sweat glands. The level of sweating should reduce after only 2-3 applications, in normal cases, but to get the best results it is important to follow the instructions.

    SweatStop® antiperspirants are very well tolerated by the skin

    The dermatological test was conducted by the limited company DERMATEST® GmbH. All products were rated "very good on skin". No adverse effects were to be found on any of the 30 subjects.

    DERMATEST® GmbH, has been conducting tests and clinically controlled medical evaluations of the skin on products of the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years. They offer a large spectrum of various testing for the determination of product compatibilities and for attestations of effectiveness of cosmetic ingredients.

    Dermatest Certificate