Sweatstop antiperspirants are suitable for all levels of sweating from moderate to heavy.

The main range contains aluminium chloride which whilst effective at stopping sweating can cause skin irritation if too strong.

To be effective requires finding the balance between being strong enough to work but not cause too much irritation.

Sweatsop comes in four different strengths to suit different levels of sweating and different areas of the body (skin sensitivity). 

Hopefully there is a solution for your individual level of sweating for example you might try the SweatStop Sensitive Spray and find it is not effective in which case you can try the Forte Spray. Alternatively, if you try the Forte Plus Spray and find it irritates your skin, you could then try the Sensitive or Forte products.

Sensitive - has the lowest level of aluminium chloride and can be used on the face, scalp and sensitive underarms.

Forte - is medium strength suitable for mild sweating of underarms and other areas e.g. chest and back.
Forte - can be used on forehead, face and scalp with caution if the sweating in these areas is persistent and/or skin is not sensitive.

Forte Plus - is stronger than Forte and suitable for underarms, chest and back if sweating is persistent and/or skin is not sensitive.

Forte max - is clinical strength and only recommended for hands and feet.

Sensitive, Forte and Forte Plus also contain aloe vera to be gentle to even the most sensitive skin.

IXAL is a new aluminium free antiperspirant which doesn't contain aluminium chloride and works by normalising the sweating.

For more information on which strength to use please visit the 'Which product?' page.

Please click here to see testimonials from around the world.

The 'How to use SweatStop®' page also explains how to use the products and hopefully will answer any questions you have, if it doesn't answer your questions please feel free to contact us and our customer services team will happily answer them.

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