Idrostar Axillae Iontophoresis Machine

An ideal home use device which is portable, rechargeable and has a simple to use touch screen interface. Produces pulsed current which is ideal for treatment the underarms (axillae).
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The Idrostar Axillae is a new generation iontophoresis device from a long established line which is ideal for use at home. It uses pulsed current with a range of pulse types from 50% to 70% pulses. Pulsed current is best for treating the underarms. The Idrostar Axillae is lightweight, portable, easy and safe to use and is rechargeable. The Idrostar Axillae has a touch screen to control its functions and display important information throughout each treatment session. It also has an energy bar indicator on the screen which can serve as a guide to helping you treat your hyperhidrosis effectively. The Idrostar Axillae comes in a stylish carry case. Inside the case are the generator device itself, a set of two electrodes to treat the underarms and a medical grade charger. There is a choice of Axillae sponge ball type or flat flexible carbon electrodes and sponges. The device is capable of producing varying patterns of pulsed current from 50% through 60% or 70% to enable you to maximise the treatment each session. The Idrostar Axillae has a two year warranty and flexible returns policy that allows you to try the treatment.
More Information
Treatment Area Axillae
Remote Included No
Current Type Pulsed
Battery Internal Rechargeable