How to use SweatStop®

Why it works

SweatStop antiperspirants are applied directly to the skin to fight perspiration and odour. They contain aluminium chloride salts which inhibit perspiration by blocking the sweat glands. The level of sweating should reduce after only 2-3 applications, in normal cases, but to get the best results it is important to follow the instructions.

How to apply SweatStop products

To get the best results the product must be applied to completely dry skin in the evening before going to bed. In order for the solution to permeate the sweat glands and salts to close the sweat glands it is very important to avoid anything that could lead to sweating in the hours following application.

1. Wash the affected area and let the skin dry completely
2. Spray - spray once (or spray onto a piece of cotton wool and dab onto the affected area)
3. Roll-On - Shake before use and roll once
4. Lotion - apply a small amount to your finger tips and massage onto the skin. You can vary the effectiveness by using more lotion and/or rubbing for longer
5. Let the product dry before getting dressed to avoid staining your clothes and rubbing the product off the skin
6. Avoid sweating after application e.g. if you have had a hot bath wait until you have cooled down and your skin is completely dry

SweatStop products are designed for a single application. Only spray or roll on once for each use..

In the morning you can wash or shower as usual and use your regular antiperspirant/deodorant or skin lotion/moisturiser. We recommend that you don't apply anything onto skin in the evenings after application of SweatStop products.

Initially you should apply the product every evening then when the level of sweating reduces try every other day. Once the product has started to work it generally only needs to be applied every 2-3 days. This will vary depending on the individual, time of year and what you are doing.