Which Product, When?


Available in 4 strengths

The products are available in four strengths so that you can find one that suits you.
The product strengths and products in relation to your level of sweating are listed below:

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Level of sweating

I sweat quickly after little physical effort

Recommended products:

Sensitive spray

Sensitive lotion

Level of sweating

I sweat without physical effort

Recommended products:

Forte roll on

Forte spray

Forte back spray

Level of sweating

My clothes are drenched

Recommended products:

Forte plus spray

Forte plus back spray

Level of sweating

My hands and feet sweat heavily

Recommended products:

Forte max spray

Forte max foot spray

Please note:

The product strength is a measure of the effectiveness of the product in use. It is not a measure of the level of active ingredient which is aluminium chloride.

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