idrostar + iontophoresis machine

Home use
irect and Pulsed Current

Different packages are available for hands & feet, with or without axillae electrodes and with or without remote controls.

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The idrostar+ is a new, affordable iontophoresis machine that has both direct and pulsed current (from £420). If you have sensitive skin, the pulsed current is very useful for e.g. treating the underarms.

The idrostar+ is designed to be lightweight, portable, easy and safe to use and is therefore powered using four AA batteries. The machine is supplied with standard AA batteries but rechargeable batteries are compatible with this unit. Independent tests have shown that battery powered machines are more than capable of delivering the power needed for iontophoresis.

The idrostar+ has one current generator and comes with two water trays and can treat two extremities at once. For example both hands or both feet or one hand and one foot. A remote control attachment is available if you are treating both hands at once. The pulsed current is particularly useful for treating the axillae and the machine is compatible with the axillae electrodes.

The idrostar+ is available in tailored packages so you can choose the package that suits you best (see table below).

The idrostar+ has a two year warranty and a flexible returns policy that allows you to try the treatment.

idrostar+ packagesHands &
Feet &
AxillaeHands &
Feet with
Feet &
Axillae with
Machine, DVD, batteries, instruction manual, leads
2 baths (carrying case)
2 stainless electrodes,
2 forearm protectors,
2 plastic grills
2 rubber axillae electrodes
One pack axillae sponge pockets
One remote current control
Price £516 £576 £522 £564 £612
Price (ex-VAT) £430 £480 £435 £470 £510
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Vat Exempt Yes