Idrostar NT Iontophoresis Machine for Hands and Feet

An ideal home use device which is portable, rechargeable and a simple to use touch screen interface. Produces direct and pulsed current so can be used to treat both hands and feet.
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The Idrostar NT is a new generation iontophoresis device from a long established line which is ideal for use at home. It has both direct and pulsed current with a range of pulse types from 50% to 90% pulses. Pulsed current is best for treating the underarms and for children to use for hands, feet and the underarms. The Idrostar NT is lightweight, portable, easy and safe to use and is rechargeable. The Idrostar NT has a touch screen to control its functions and display important information throughout each treatment session. It also has an energy bar indicator on the screen which can serve as a guide to helping you treat your hyperhidrosis effectively. The Idrostar NT comes in a plastic carry case that also serve as the water trays to treat the hands and feet. Inside the case are store the generator device itself, two stainless steel electrodes and two plastic grills, two armrests, two cables and a medical grade charger. Axilla (underarm) attachments are available (sold separately). The device is capable to produce varying patterns of pulsed current from 50% through 60%, 70%, 80% and 90% to full continuous current to enable you to maximise the treatment each session. There are three packages available, for hands and feet only, for axillae only and for hands, feet and axillae. The idrostar NT has a two year warranty and flexible returns policy that allows you to try the treatment.
More Information
Treatment Area Hands and Feet
Remote Included No
Current Type Direct and Pulsed
Battery Internal Rechargeable
Axillae Electrode Type Sponge Pockets
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