Esteem Clothing Protector - Full Sleeved White

A white clam shell style pad for sleeved clothes.

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Esteem Clothing Protectors are designed for when you need a little bit more protection than an antiperspirant. This design is a clam shell style pad for use with sleeved clothes.

They are perfect for any occasion – weddings, business meetings, interviews, nights out or everyday use.

They are hypo-allergenic and contain no perfumes or chemicals, so there is no irritation.

They are made up of 3 layers to provide optimum protection, the 1st layer is an absorbent cotton gauze to ensure no irritation or discomfort, the 2nd layer is a water absorption sheet for discreet protection and the 3rd layer is sweat resistant backing to protect your outer clothes and not let any sweat escape.

There is no need to worry about Esteem Clothing Protectors once you have stuck them in place. Depending on your level of sweating, you may need to replace them during the day but in most cases this isn't necessary. They are also easily removed without leaving any marks on your clothing.

Esteem Clothing Protectors are so easy to use, just peel off the backing and stick onto your top in the correct position as shown in the pictures above. There is no sewing needed, resulting in a quick and effective application with all day results.

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